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 In 50% of the PCB s where the STM32f303 (with the Y revision ) was in we were unable to code a program , as well as that problem we had some difficulties with the UART It won’t connect to the laptop, it says that the device is unrecognizable and tha...

DianaSok by Associate II
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Components selection for stm32h743 nucleo board

Suggest a cam module suitable for stm32h743 Nucleo board, and I want a to monitor my motors and workspace, suggest me a suitable display. I am working on a project that pick and place objects by detecting them using computer vision. It will be helpfu...

How to Reset STM32 Timer Internal Trigger Connections

I'm using the STM32H735 to create a sequence of PWM signals. I have timers TIM1, TIM2, TIM4, and TIM24 all connected in a slave timer chain. TIM1 triggers TIM2 with ITR0. TIM2 triggers TIM4 with ITR1, and TIM4 triggers TIM24 with ITR3. Each link in t...

JAitc.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Stm32f407vet6 bootloader firmware

I bought a Stm32f407vet6 board yesterday and wanted to run ardupilot firmware on it. So I tried to put firmware in DFU mode by putting boot0 pin high and boot1 pin low, but for some reason I was not able to do that (my mistake). Then I tried to put t...

Resolved! LPTIM current consumption

Hello, For my research work I want to characterize how much current the LPTIM of a STM32U575ZIT6Q consumes when in compare match mode (counting from 0 to 65535 repeatedly).I prorgrammed two very simple codes, one where the counter is not initialized ...

MCU current.jpeg by Associate
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