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Wrong timer section identifier in manual (G431RBT6)

I think there are some wron identifiers?After reading the manual and seeing the tables i think it must be "tim_ti2_in0", "tim_ti3_in0" and "tim_ti4_in0" on page 1223? Also in the table on page 1081, there is a "tim_ti2_in[15:1]" that should be "tim_t...

Tobe by Senior III
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Resolved! STM32G431 tim_ker_ck, tim_pclk source

I'm looking into calculating the timings for the brk filters for the TIM1 periphery. Mentioned there is the "tim_ker_ck" and the "tim_pclk" respectively.I cannot seem to find any information on where these come from.The clock tree in the RM says that...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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Resolved! NUCLO-H755ZI-Q Unable to debug CM4

Hi community,I build and program both CM without error and debugger configuration as in the AN5361 .The Nucleo- runs with maximum frequency  480 MHz, and Power supply:  HAL_PWREx_ConfigSupply(PWR_SMPS_2V5_SUPPLIES_LDO);  __HAL_PWR_VOLTAGESCALING_CONF...

Vero by Associate II
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Resolved! Drop voltage SCL I2C

Hello,I have a very strange behaviour with the I2C bus of a STM32G431.I try to communicate with a MLX90393 of Melexis. I had some problems to get the measurements, after a Start measurement. The MLX90393 returned an error code. So I checked the signa...

0693W000007ZmIBQA0.png 0693W000007ZmIVQA0.png
alxrey by Associate II
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