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STM32F4 discovery board and arduino SPI problem

Hello,I'm trying to establish SPI communication between STM32F4 discovery board with STM32F407 MCU and an Arduino uno. The arduino acts as a master and I'm using it to interface my board(which acts as slave) with the PC since I like arduino uno's ser...

PPopo by Senior
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Resolved! How to erase pages on bank 2 on stm32g4?

I was trying to erase some flash pages on an stm32g474re nucleo (and on a custom board with the stm32g474veh3).The flash pages are all on flash bank 2, because i read in the reference manual that flash bank 2 can be written while code is running from...

USB CDC communication failure due to EMI

Hi everyone,We are facing issues with USB in our new products due to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). IEC61000-4-4 burst, mediuum severity.The USB stops working fequently when the device is connected to a PC and a burst is applied to the AC power...

FDigi by Associate III
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How can a UART communication burn an MCU?

I am using the STM32f4-Discovery board, with the stm32f407vgt6 mcu. I am using it's USART peripherals at pins PB10 and PB11. Upon connecting another device to the USART communication something in the MCU failed, and now the board is not working prope...

ALipk.1 by Associate
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HAL_UART_Receive_DMA has an unfindable hickup.

Hello,I'm working with UART Communication between a RPi and an STMG070RB. For the UART communication I'm using the library function HAL_UART_Receive_DMA.I have an initialize in which the Receive function waits for 3 bytes to be received (My messagehe...

JNieu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! style RM0316

RM0316The reserved space is clearly indicated at the top, and the style changes abruptly on the next page, and the reserve is no longer specified. what is the result of missing addresses ? why can't a single style be maintained ? for clarity.