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How to generate MDC clock?

Hi team thanks for your coperation with me. I have been trying to enable MDIO peripheral At one of the STM32 EVK kit(NUCLEO-H7A3ZI). What i could see, when i have gone through the MDIO's official block diagram. The MDC pin drew as input and MDIO as b...

Msams.1 by Associate II
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In my project I am using STM32G030k8, in which I need to use 6 ADC channels and 2 of them are Pa11 and PA12PA9 and PA8 as gpio .I couldn't able to configure PA11 and PA12 what is the alternate way to use that channel

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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Protection against HRTIM output locking high

I am using an STM32G474 to create an inverting buck-boost converter, but after damaging a few boards, I realized that there is a series design issue that could short 24V to ground through an inductor if the HRTIM output pin ever goes high unexpectedl...


Resolved! Excessive MCU heat after debugging

I have a design that uses two HRTIM outputs from an STM32G474 MCU to provide a PWM signal to two external half-bridge gate drivers to drive two DSMPS, a buck converter and an inverting buck-boost converter.  After several debugging sessions, the MCU ...


STM32L562 Using TIM1 to trigger ADC1 Ch1 sampling at 5 kHz with DMA1 storing to a circular buffer. Stores 12 samples, then no further samples stored. What can stop this chain from functioning?

Here is the setup (Using timer 1 - 16 Mhz clock, counter = 3200) using OC channel to produce scope signal on output pin):void MX_TIM1_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN TIM1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE END TIM1_Init 0 */   TIM_ClockConfigTypeDef sC...

Grizz by Associate II
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Adc in stm32f446re

Analog source is potentiometerMcu board is nucleo f 446reI am verifying adc code in debug mode with above hardware .as i rotate potentiometer  change in adc value can be observed.but when I don't rotate also, I am able to see the variation in 12bit v...

Resolved! I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout return HAL_ERROR

Hi,​I am using STM32F303RETb (NUCLEO-F303) to try I2C for another device. But always return HAL_ERROR into HAL_I2C_Slave_Receive(). By the way of I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout.What are the possible problems with this error?​this part is setting code in ...

K.4 by Associate
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