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STM32L412 One-pulse Timer not resetting at update event

Hi all,I am trying to get a single pulse out of TIM1, triggered by a rising edge on a Pin.I got it almost working, but the problem is that after the counter reached ARR value, the output channel is reset...I use PWM mode and the complementary output ...

b.a. by Associate III
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UART-1 working code reads NULL

Hi clive I have interfaced UART DATA device(sender) and NUCLEOF401RE(receiver) I have set the proper BAUD RATE 115200I am using UART-1 to receive dataI generated the code in the IDE and first tested for transmit functionality and it works fineI took ...

DRAME.1 by Associate II
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STM32F4 wake up from stop mode with UART

I am using STM32F407VG MCU (STM32F4 Discovery board) and I want my MCU to wake-up from STOP mode when it receives a message from UART. I had to adjust some things manually because the STM32CubeMX is unable to set UART Rx pin as an GPIO interrupt pin ...

MKosa.2 by Associate
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Resolved! I have an product using a STM32l486. It uses USART1 with transmit and receive DMA to communicate over a serial port. Serial port packets are all the same length. My application works in run mode, but not in sleep mode.

I can send and receive packets in run mode, but I never get a RX DMA interrupt when in sleep mode. I do not have any interrupts enabled in the USART hardware, and do have DMAR and DMAT enabled. Any ideas on what might be missing?Thank you.