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Resolved! HRTIM burst DMA doesn't work

Hallo,I want to update MASTER CMP1 over DMA and the others TIM_x on MASTER-update.New values of CMPx registry are calculated in SysTick_Handler() and should be updated at once.The problem is: MASTER update on DMA does not work.Could anyone please loo...

DrDro by Associate III
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Resolved! Integer types u_int32_t and uint32_t

Hello. Why STM32CubeIDE suggesting me to autocomplete u (unsigned type) as a u_int32_t if it doesn't built? However uint32_t works well. What is the difference using u_intXX_t and uintXX_t?


Hi to everybody. I've developed an application using FreeRTOS, under M3 Series.Then moved to M4 without probelms. In CubeMX I can add all the tasks, timers, Mutex and so on.Now I'm porting to H5 MCU, but the freertos disappear from CubeMX. I found th...

2024-01-29_12h47_04.png TheRaprus_0-1706529121406.png
TheRaprus by Associate III
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STM32H7 Dual Core ADC/DMA "locking"

I have a setup on a dual core STM32H755 device with each core measuring two ADC channels with shared pins at different sample rates. The M7 core measures ADC1 Ch15 and Ch5 at 1MHz@14bit, with a sampling time of 1.5cycles (20MHz ADC clock prescaled by...

Iris-DM by Associate II
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WWDG has no interrupt defined in STM32G474 SVD

In STM32G474.svd version 2.1 that can be download from STM32G474RE product page , WWDG peripheral has no interrupt defined but it is actually the first (0th) interrupt. Is this a mistake or there is a reason behind not defining it in the SVD ?

mete by Senior
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Resolved! ADC input resistance STM32C011J4M6

Hi everyone,I am using the STM32C011J4M6 in the SO8N package.I want to use the ADC on a low frequency signal (around 1kHz). My application needs to be very low power so I decided to put a big (around 100kOhms) input resistance on the ADC pin like we ...

Pierre75_0-1706438661717.png Pierre75_1-1706438870749.png
Pierre75 by Associate II
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