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Bootloader code for safety device

Hi ST,We are making product targeting SIL3 safety by using STL library. So, I have few doubts :-1. Is it recommended to have a bootloader in a safety grade product?2. If Yes, then how can I proceed? 3. In normal way bootloader code should be written ...

dat mismatch when reading .bin file in stm32 for FOTA

Hi, I want to implement FOTA in stm32, for that I am reading .bin file and send to the controller through UART. And Write that file to the flash memory, All Ihave done this, but there mismatch data beetween .bin file data written on flash.the readi...

ykn by Senior
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STM32H743 vs STM32H753

I have just started a project and am using the STM32H743. Is there any reason I should switch to the STM32H753? I know they are pin compatible and the 753 has some more advanced crypto features, but I'm more concerned with availability of these parts...

GilRoss by Associate II
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Demonstration source code for AN3126

I have been looking into Application Note AN3126 (Audio and waveform generation using the DAC in STM32 products) and in the document a demonstration source code project is mentioned which includes C-language files waveplayer.c and waveplayer.h. I was...

work out poly

Need a help to work out the formula. I cant get my head around with this to work out. its polynomial with numerator and denominator. what is the formula for this. Thank you FLOAT_TYPE num_coeff[] = {-2.42580348918581e2l, 4.43575581447635e2l, -8.65706...

cjaya.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! F4 I2S cannot resync after noise

I've got the I2S working with DMA as slave receiver, works great, bit perfectly fills receiving buffer,until I restart the master, or introduce noise to I2S bus, then it just loses it, fills buffer with nonsense after that.It's not able to resync to ...

mrx23 by Associate III
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