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STM32U575 Watchdog Mechanism

Hi We want to use STM32U575 Watchdog Mechanism in our operational FW, but have the following concerns:1. Can MCU ST Bootloader kick the WD in general, and especially duringca FW update, when it is busy writing/reading to flash the new FW to update or...

RLanz.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Error in Reference Manual!! RM0440 Rev 4 page 1341

Table 285, register map for general timers, TIMx_SMCR, contains two errors:This shows SMSPE in bit 25, I believe it is actually in bit 24.Also it shows SMSPS in bit 26, I think it is actually in bit 25.Please let me know if I'm mistaken. Thank youRM0...

Resolved! LwIP webpage not updating

Hello, I am using LwIP alongside a STM32F7. I am very new to network programming and I was wonder why the webpage is not updating when I modify the html code. If I visit the page via the IDE, the changes are there but on a live version of the site, n...

Carrcl by Associate II
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CMSIS-DSP with STM32F302

Dear all,is it possible to use CMSIS-DSP with STM32F302XXX? Actually I'm working with NUCLEO STM32F302R8Tx (but final board will have STM32F302RCT6) and I have two issues :1) I am not able to find lib *.a in repository CMSIS_DSP 2) Following this gui...

ermes by Associate
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