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Resolved! Microcontroller getting damaged when connecting to a VCU

I am using STM32G0c8t6 microcontroller to make a BLDC motor controller. I am connecting the Rx and Tx of UART to a VCU and they are sharing the same battery. Apart from these, there is no other connection between them. And sometimes, for some unknown...

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Gladson by Associate II
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flashing error

Hi Team i am facing some issue related to flashing code. previously i flashed the STM32Cube_FW_WL Lora wan example code into my stm32wl5cc controller PCB using J-link debugger. after successfully flashed the code i am trying to flash another code int...

kRaje.1 by Associate II
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Timer triggered ADC DMA burst only happens once

Using STM32G030F6 and STM32CubeMX, I am trying to do a sequence of single channel conversions on each edge of a PWM signal (generated by an internal timer).  PWM is setup fine and working on TIM3 channel 1.   TIM3 TRGO is set to OC1REF.  ADC is set u...

ADunc.1 by Senior
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lwip on STM32h743

Hello,I am using a Nucleo-h743ZI2 and would like to enable Ethernet with LWiP module. I have started with the "How to create project for STM32H7 with Ethernet and LwIP stack working" guide. I am using, with a few modifications as possible, the STM32H...

GilRoss by Associate II
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NUCLEO-H723ZG External supply 3.3V problem

HeyI work with NUCLEO-H723ZG and I try to work with 3.3V External power supply.I try to connect the board according to the datasheet:and I saw few problems:1. My code is not working. I proggram simple code of blinking. when I work with 5V (external/u...

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TOsso.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32f103c8 Blue Pill High Power Consumption

Hi, I'm designing a low power tilt and shake detection sensor module using the STM32 blue pill board. I'm trying my best to attain the datasheet values of 2-5µA. I have done the following:1) Set all GPIO pins to Analog 2) Disabled all peripherals man...

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STM32H753 Ethernet initialization failure

I'm working on two custom boards using STM32H753 and DP83848 PHY. I have setup TCP communication in this setup with LwIP and RTOS and has been running in properly for the last 1.5 years. Out of the blue, in one of the boards, the TCP connection faile...

STM32H7 SPI + Level Shifter

Hi everyone,I am currently in the process of developing a board that incorporates an STM32H743VIT and a voltage level shifter (FXMA108BQX) positioned adjacent to it. The objectives are to translate 3.3V logic levels to custom voltage levels (programm...

2sayle by Associate II
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