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STM32L031G6XXSUXS device is not found in Keil MDK5

 I am using stm32L031G6U6S controller , to generate code stm32cubeMX is using MDK5 for IDE,I am able to select stm32L031G6U6S device in stm32cubeMX but in MDK5 its showing one or more DFP is not finding even after updating DFP of L0 latest version , ...

Sgr.1 by Associate II
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Any Microchip KSZ example code for stm32h7 processor

We are working with KSZ8563 3 port ethernet switch over the RMII interface. Communication is MDIO and it is working. But we couldn't run the lwip udp example.Is there any sample software on KSZ Phys, so I will check the settings? Our controller is ST...

umtkyck by Associate II
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Interrupts I2C

Good afternoon everyone!I hope you are well. I happen to be new to handling STM32 and I want to generate an interrupt with I2C, CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THAT?I just need to know what functions I need and how I generate the interrupt routine.I have a S...

JGóme.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! ERROR common.c: addr too high

I am getting this error after I modify my linker script (which I got from a project created with CubeIde):$arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary Prog_test_H735.elf Prog_test_H735.bin$arm-none-eabi-size Prog_test_H735.elf  text     data      bss      dec  ...

ERhod.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Implementing EEPROM emulation to STM32H743ZI2 nucleo board. To sum up, I want to program my FLASH memory by halfword(16-bit) chunk. Please click for further details.

I am trying to program my flash halfword per halfword. There is no HAL library to achieve this work so I am working with registers. After erasing the specific sector that I want to write, I am trying to change the control register 1 with below code.W...

EKosa.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Bootloader information discrepancy

Reference Manual for STM32H72xxx/73xxx (RM0468), section 2.6, says that the embedded bootloader can be accessed via I2C1, I2C2, I2C3, I2C4 and SPI1, SPI2, SPI3, SPI4, however AN2606 only lists I2C1, I2C2, I2C3 and SPI, SPI3 as the working I2C and SPI...

HWidj.2 by Associate III
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Error finishing flash operation

I have the following error when I was trying to debug using TrueStudio(v9.3.0).​The specific steps that caused the error are as follows.1. Connect STM32F100RB※1 to the PC.2. Launch TrueStudio(v9.3.0)3. make project 3.1 [File] -> [New] -> [C Projet] 3...

Myasu.1 by Senior
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