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How to set up the adc sampling time.

Hi,I am using ADC of STM32H743ZI which is configured as 16 bit, ADC clock =36.5MHz,Tsampling=1.5cycles in continuous conversion mode . I am using DMA technique to collect the data using a buffer size of 4096 in circular mode.The input is sine wave o...

GHARI.1 by Associate II
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UART information is shifted by 1 byte when I connect my STM32G474RE directly to my PC and use a terminal program to send information to control things. It fixes itself after resetting the board.

For example, if I send 1000, it will be received as 0100 on the STM board. I send what I received in the Rxcallback function. My program doesn't work, so I know this is the case. This issue stops after I hit the RESET switch on my board. Now, my iss...

ssd1327 oled display interfacing with stm32

Hi have been working on the interfacing of ssd1327 with stm32 microcontroller, i am just trying to print a pixel on the display but I could not display it. my code is as follows WRITECOMMAND(0xae); // WRITECOMMAND(0x15); WRITECOMMAND(0x00); WRITECOMM...

NJP.1 by Associate III
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Utilizing discover board STM32F407 with FPU

Hello! I am utilizing discover board STM32F407 with FPU , The board is ARM cortex M-4 based. I want to use FPU to quick the process of conducting exponent calculations and Floating point. I have set down all peripheral drivers that are required for a...

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Resolved! Can you help me verify the schematic of STM32L476RGT6U?

I'm mounting my MCU on PCB. I have done the schematic referring from . Please help me verify this. My conditions are as follows.I am using 2 Digital sensors and one LoRa as communication module...