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ADC to DAC using DMA in STM32f4

Hi everyone,ı was trying to make adc to dac using DMA. Shortly the adc value is writed into DAC data register. So that the potentiometer is turned then the digital value is writed ADC register. The brightness of led is changed. However, ı get ADC val...

QSPI flash IC obsolescence from STM32F412G-DISCO

Hi,We are referring to the bill of materials of the STM32F412G_DISCO board. We are looking up for QSPI flash IC (MICRON N25Q128A13EF840F) used in the development board for our new design and found that its lifecycle is obsolete on mouser india. Also ...

EJ.1 by Associate II
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STM32H745IIT6 - is power wired right?

Ok here is the situationDid a board design, when plugged in i noticed 3.3v was not outputting correctly. Realized I put the wrong 3.3v regulator, maxes out at 100ma. Removed and put in a 3.3v regulator that goes up to 800ma which i thought would be f...

STM32H745IIT6.png STM32H745IIT6-bottom.png STM32H745IIT6-right.png STM32H745IIT6-left.png

STM32F411CEU6 with VL53L8CX SWD ist not working

Hey guys,I set the SWD up for a project inculding a PCB with an F411CEU6 and an VL43L8CX. To test the pcb, I wana get the distance printed to the SWD console. I set up the SWD and with the main.c file it works fine, but with the vl53l8cx.c the printf...

julion2 by Associate II
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How to use I2C with DMA - Touch Sensor

Hi,I have had partial success implementing DMA with I2C as below but the only way I can receive the data "val" is by adding a HAL_Delay of 1uS and the "val" is shown as an incorrect value. Is there anyway to both do the DMA send and receive without t...

Linkpad by Associate III
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Resolved! Using DMA from ADC to DTCM with STM32F765VITx

I have a project that is using DMA channels to transfer ADC values to DTCM. The values seem to be getting to the memory correctly but I was confused by Figure 1 of the datasheet which shows the ADC/DMA/SRAM on the AHB but the DTCM on a bus that appea...

BobbyBeta by Associate III
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Linearity of HRTim Compare

Hello together,when inspecting the behaviour of the HRTimer regarding the compare output, I found that with Clk multiplier 32, there is a non-linearity in the compare timing (stepwidth) of about +150 ps (330 ps step instead of 180 ps between adjacent...

pv_he by Associate
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Resolved! Connecting LSE to STM32L010?

Hello, all, and Happy New Year!I'm trying to design my first microprocessor board. I'm trying to follow the guide given by Phil's Lab on YouTube, at, which I find very helpful. I'm using an STM32L010K4...

KevinZ by Associate II
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