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Resolved! JTRST and NRST of STM32 MCU

Hello!What is the difference between JTRST and NRST of stm32 mcu?When using SWD, where should the RESET pin be connected? NRST or JTRST?

ellie99 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32U575 : simple USB VCP UART

I have my own little board: with STM32U575CIT6Q (LQFP48 package). The USB is very simple and just DM (PA11) and DP (PA12) are connected. No USB-C, no USB-C Power Detector neither external chips for USB-C (as on NUCLEO-Board for USB-C-power).I want to...

tjaekel by Senior
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Resolved! STM32U5xx: QSPI as multi-master (release QSPI signals)

I use the OCTASPI as QSPI. So far ok (QSPI transactions work).But I have realized:a) the QSPI does not release any signals after a transaction has finishedb) it does not seem possible to use OCTASPI (in QSPI mode, maybe as well in single SPI mode on ...

tjaekel by Senior
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STM32F103C8 GPIO Output

I'm trying to control LED using GPIO.The GPIO pin settings are as follows.PB 8~15 : input dataPB 4~7 : output LEDAfter analyzing the input data, I want to export the output, but when PB 4 is exported, PB 12 is turned on, and when PB 5 is exported, PB...

inkong by Associate
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Resolved! STM32F4 Discovery 1-2% Accuracy ADC

I am just now moving over from ESP32 to STM32 Discovery. One of the features that I like about the STM32 is that there are 3 ADC and several accessible channels.In my previous design on the ESP32 I used external ADCs and communicated with them using ...

jlaufer by Associate
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How to Communicate with UART Sensor on USART6

Hi all,So I'm trying to communicate with a dust sensor (SMUART04L) via USART with the use of an STM32 F411RE. So far I have been able to connect it to the board and get a response of 0x42 which according to other online sources and datasheet is so fa...

AMoha.13 by Associate II
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A usable and minimal USB osciloscope with bluepill

hi guys, I'm a desktop programmer and do not know much about micro controllers and electronics but i am very interested in making an oscilloscope  which:- simple to build with well known parts and ICs- it uses bluepill as the ADC and no other ADCs- i...

epsi1on by Associate II
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