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AIS2DW12 and SMT32L0 high current

Hello everyone,board consume too much energy when the acc wakeup and start to measure the Stop Mode : 5 uAin Wake up : 280 uAMCU setting for INT pin belong to acc : No pull up-down and rising-edge triggerfor CS pin push-pull and no pull up-do...

Zek_De by Senior
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STM32L4A6 config WKUP pin to low level trigger fail

Hi all,​I wan to use WKUP pin exit standby​ mode for low level trigger.I set WKUP pin with low level polarity in HAL_PWR_EnableWakeUpPin() function and pull-up WKUP pin.but the MCU alway wake-up when enter standby mode.​When set ​WKUP pin with high l...

WWU.807 by Associate II
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External crystal not oscillating

Hello,I have custom board. I am working on STM32H7 controller. We use the external crystal of 25Mhz. But when we use that external oscillator using the HSE ,it doesn't provide the clock to controller. Why these happening. Can you please help me

MDeva.1 by Associate II
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STM32H750 and SDRAM signal groups

Need your advice. PCB routing. I have Divided signals into 4 groups + (CLK) : 1: Address: SDRAM_BA[0-1]/SDRAM_A[0-11] 2: Command: SDNRAS/SDNCAS/SDNWE 3: Control: NE0/CKE0/NBL[0-1] 4: Data: SDRAM_D[0-7] ( sub goup1 ) & [8-15] ( sub group 2) 5: SD...

BHell.1 by Associate II
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