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4bit SDIO not working, but 1bit SDIO working fine.

I use CMSIS to write program that transfer data from SD card through SDIO. For my task i need 4bit mode, but it isn't working. When i try to read some block from SD card STBITERR bit in SDIO_STA register goes high, that means that start bit hasn't be...

LPlyu.1 by Associate
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[STM32H745XI] - Crystal oscillator failure

There is a problem with the start-up of both HF (25MHz) and RTC(32k) oscillators after a turn-OFF followed by immediate turn-ON (cca couple ms).Oscillators:EPSON FA-238 EPSON FA-135The RTC crystal does not start-up at all and the HF one does show ins...

RKrec.2 by Associate
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Problem with GPIO Interrupts and RTOS STM32H753

Hello,I am using an STM32H753 mcu and I working on a project with 8 GPIO Interrupt Pins. I am using RTX RTOS. The problem is that when the interrupt happens the same time with a thread activation. The mcu goes in dummy handler with bus Precision erro...

SEfte.1 by Associate II
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Bus stall when writing/erasing flash on STM32H7

Hello,I am writing & erasing flash during operation, and this seems to cause a bus stall which prohibits all execution from flash during these operations.AN4808 seems to indicate that if you use a dual-bank device you can avoid this by executing out ...

ST User by Associate III
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Stop mode current with NUCLEO-32

Hi,I am using the NUCLEO-32 STM32L011 kit and I want to put the MCU in stop mode to measure Idd. Everything seems to be going well but when I measure the current, this is 2.5µA versus 0.5µA announced in the datasheet when the stop mode is activated w...