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Hi,I'm using STM32F103CBU6TR and I see that the oscillator that connects to osc_in and osc_out is not working.The NRST is ih high, the BOOT0 is low and the power to the device is good.What is the problem?BRShmuel
Hi,I want to program the STM32F103 with JTAG but without the IAR there a tool for that?BRShmuel
Hi, I'm looking for a layout example of PM8805 EVB (EVLPOE007V1/STEVAL-POEL45W1)BRShmuel
Hi, I'm using STM32F103CBU6TR and I can't find the thermal resistance (j-C).BRShmuel
At the datasheet at figure 7 you use CMC befor connecting it to DC2DC.I connect the PM8805 to DC2DC LTM8027.If I don't put the CMC will it be worng?BRShmuel
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