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Using indications instead of notifications with BLE

Hello,I have a question regarding implementation of BLE on proteus and nucleo boards.I am struggling to understand how confirmation of indication is processed by the server (and also how does client provide this confirmation). There doesn't seem to b...

NRist.1 by Associate
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Hex or bin with multi-firmware

My solution have more than one project, each project program in different address. exp: bootloader(0x08000000, 64K) application(0x08010000. 448K).How can create an hex or bin with these two ?

Lwang1 by Associate II
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connect two stm32 board using uart

Hi, may I know how to connect two stm32 board using uart?Im using nucleo g071rb to transmit the data to STM32H750-DK. So basically i just want to try simple application using serial but it not what i want to do Nucleo G071 transmit data...

0693W00000YAQ7EQAX.png 0693W00000YAQ8CQAX.png 0693W00000YAQ7iQAH.png 0693W00000YAQ7YQAX.png
Angle by Associate II
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Waveform Non Pin Timer GPIO STM32F429IGTB

Hi All,I want to generate digital clock/waveform at non timer pin STM32F4219igtb, let say using pin PORTD.5 and synchronize with several GPIOs using DMA. the purposed to drive the multiple HUB75 port.Currently i'm succeed to drive the clock pin using...

Mhida.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SPI slave interrupt is slow in STM32F767

I am working on SPI slave at NUCLEO-F767ZI.I am using the interrupt and LL library. This is the RX handler:void SPI1_Rx_Callback(void) { if (LL_SPI_GetRxFIFOLevel(SPI1) > LL_SPI_RX_FIFO_HALF_FULL) { // this is only for break point ...

YoungKim by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H7: Multiple Push Button Interrupts

Hello,I am looking to implement multiple push buttons (7, specifically) that are used to turn certain features ON/OFF on a front panel. For example:PB1 = LED ON/OFFPB2 = DC Power ON/OFFPB3 = AC Power ON/OFFetc.My current plan for my custom board to d...

KMew by Senior III
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I have a button connected to STM32F405. I am using external interrupt with the button. Inside the callback of the external interrupt I am sending a command to retrieve some data from another microcontroller as a loop. But I am receving only data once.

void HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback(uint16_t GPIO_Pin) { if(GPIO_Pin == GPIO_PIN_10) { for(volatile int j = 0; j<3000; j++) { char Txbuffer = "Read\n"; HAL_UART_Transmit_IT(&huart2, (uin...

cjaya.1 by Associate II
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Can a variable be locked at hardware level ?

I changed out of curiosity the max speed variable of my car ECU from 250Km/h to 60Km/h to see if the car reach that speed and hold there or I can go beyond and get a notification but it turns out that I cannot exceed that limit.Now, I'm unable to get...

Vertinhol by Associate III
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