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New possibilities for the ultra-low power segment!

STM32U0 is the first Cortex-M0+ with a static consumption of only 160 nA in standby mode with RTC (Real-Time Clock) and 16 nA in shutdown. It also achieves 118 points in CoreMark and targets SESIP level 3 and PSA level 1 focusing on firmware code pro...


Flash programming issue using custom tool

Hi everyone, I facing some issues with the custom flash loader tool and MCU, I developed the tool and bootloader code of the STM32H503RBt6 controller, and I flashed the hex file using the custom tool, its works but the data is not flashed in the cont...

Mohan30 by Associate II
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Resolved! Reading I2c with sub-address

Hello All.Reading a register value from an I2C device assumes:  Writing the device address-> Writing the register address without STOP-> Reading the value . I am trying to figure out if I can do it using only available HAL functions but I don't see h...

baranovus by Associate III
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USB Device Connection and Disconnection

STM32F4 is working in USB Device MSC mode successfully.I need to detect the USB connection state. I put the HAL_PCD_ConnectCallback function in main.c but on compiling I received warning.Debug/../USB_DEVICE/Target/usbd_conf.c:307: multiple definition...

Nico3 by Senior
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Error in AN2834 rev 9

Hello ST people, I spotted an error in AN2834 rev 9, figure 8. Please refer to the image attached.A negative offset error should be depicted in figure 8, but it is a positive offset error, just like in figure 7. To be a negative offset error, the act...

ke1wa by Associate
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Resolved! How to reset counter value ?

Hello everyone, i would like to know the HAL function that allows to reset the value of a simple counter. I don't find the HAL function to reset my counter to 0 before a next counting. So all i want to do is to count, read my counter value and reput ...

LHerm.1 by Associate III
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Initialize the bootloader on STM32L432KC

I am a new embedded software engineer using STM32L432KC for my company's projects.I have been tasked to install a bootloader into this MCU. I am not sure how to proceed. I do understand that the BOOT0 pin which is grounded has to be set HIGH and BOOT...

Abijith by Associate II
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How to write multiple file in sd card sdio using fatfs

Hi, 1.I want to save multiple files but only 50 or 55 files savings.and how to save files next to next file.I want to fo fill data files up to to 32 GB.  2. how to reuse same memory for multi file creationint main(void){ /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */  /* U...

pankaj4 by Associate
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Flash memory data access

Hi.I want to save and load data to flash memory. (STM32F373RC)And initialization code was generated through cubemx.All functions including SPI, I2C, and ADC were successfully tested.However, saving and loading data into flash memory failed.All functi...

YS4 by Associate
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