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Problem With UDP Broadcast receive

I am using the STM32F107VCT6 controller. use STMcubeIDE.I write the code of the UDP Server. but when I change the IP, subnet, and Gateway using TCP and reset the device. I do not get Broadcast info or the udp_recv function not working.void udpServer_...

GETANS by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7 SD Card maximum writing rate

Hi Everyone,I use SDMMC on my STM32H7 to write data on SD Card. I have several question :- for now I can't reach better rates than 12Mo/s writing, using 32Ko buffers and with the stm32 doing only that. Is that normal? I think I should reach the 25Mo/...

Resolved! ADC in conjustion with DMA

HiI am facing an odd problem with ADC in conjunction with DMA on STM32L151V8T-A. I can see that it measures all three channels. However, the result of each channel is stored in the first element of my results array (Result[3]). Every time that the ca...

Pejwaak by Associate II
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STM32H7A3 DCMI does not capture data.

Hello everyone.I've got a problem running DCMI interface on STM32H7A3 MCU. I'm using NUCLEO-H7A3ZI devboard and OV7670 camera module. Installed the latest CubeIDE and generated code in builtin configurator. Actually I'm using Segger Embedded Studio f...

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Resolved! Why does RS485 receive last sent char on SMT32H753?

Hello,Iam developing RS485 on STM32H753. I use STM32Cube (*.IOC file) for USART configuration (USART with Hardware Flow Control) and everything works perfectly. But last send char by processor is also received in RX buffer. Does anyone know how to pr...

Ondrej1 by Associate II
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STM32U585 SPI CRC issue

Hello all,I am currently trying to enable the CRC SPI (CRC-16/CCITT-FALSE) on my project, but I can't make it work. You can found bellow the SPI configuration set on CubeMxHere is the message read back on my logic analyser, in yellow (0x0C52) you'll ...

DFell1_0-1711022577442.png DFell1_1-1711022737471.png
DFell.1 by Associate II
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STM32F303 bypass the lack of DMA trigger via GPIO

I use TIM1 to generate PWM. I want to stop it by the BRK signal. I need to delay the BRK signal so that it works only at the end of the PWM period.The delay will be implemented on TIM3 in OPM mode, and for this I need to synchronize the CNT of both t...

PKurz.1 by Associate II
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