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How do I clear my output buffer?

I'm using an STM32F103C8T6 "Blue Pill" connected to Ublox module using UART. It just a simple operation of receiving data and then print them to serial monitor using CDC_Transmit()HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1, receivedData, sizeof receivedData, HAL_MAX_D...

AFidi.1 by Associate II
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interrupt call back response time

Using a stm32h7From what I gather this 1.5 responce tie is normal. Is there a trick or two I can use to speed this up? Can I move the callback location in memory? I'd like to get this much closer to a a few ticks.

ulao by Associate III
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STM32F411CEU6 ADC data offset does not work

HI,i am using STM32F411 for a digital signal processing intensive application where the ADC is used for continuous acquisition at 1.6MSPS (via DMA), the firmware was developped on STM32L476 for convenience but the final version uses STM32F411CEU6 bec...

HBida by Associate III
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Resolved! ADC getvalue() not giving values

Hello,I am using STM32L011G4U7 and wants to get the adc value where it showed once and not it is giving 0 for the adc raw values. Also please let me know that in order to read the vcc that is 3.3 volts do I need to select VREFINT channel as well alon...

RWagh.2 by Associate II
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