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Bit levels matter

Anyone seen this? The politically-correctness crap gets to EE...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Need help in making USART2 work on STM32F303RE

Hi, I am doing a MOOC for learning STM32 programming, in the UART topic, we are supposed to implement UART. The course follows STM32F4 but I have an STM32F303RE and I tried to adapt it to my board but it is still not showing anything on the serial mo...

SKhan.7 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32CubeMX - OCTOSPI configuration

When I used STM32CubeMX to do the parameter setting. For some of the parameters I don't know how to configure them. For example, the parameters like: "Chip select high time", "Chip select boundary", "Refresh rate". How to configure the above three pa...

rsun.11 by Associate II
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Nucleo-G474RE I2C Debug Problems

Hello everyone, I am trying to make an I2C communication with the Nucleo G474RE, however I am having problems at the time of Debugging. This is causing that the SCL stops working on my board.I use the I2C1 Pin 14 (PA14) and Pin 13 (PA13) in the initi...

LSanm.1 by Associate II
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