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UART LOOP using registers

Hi ! This is me again !I am able to send and receive separately but when try to do the loop, it doesnt work. What I am basically doing is when the full reception interrupt is set, I enable the transmission and as soon as the transmission is done, I d...

LimoGr by Associate II
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stm32g474 hrtimer issue

I meet a confused and unresonable issue about hrtimer with stm32g474mbt6.condition: 1).use timerA to generate 2 channel pwm. Channel 1 is set by CMP1, reset by CMP2; Channel 2 is set by CMP3, reset by CMP4;2). enable preload function, update when res...

0693W00000bhGTxQAM.png 0693W00000bhGSWQA2.png
FXuef.1 by Associate II
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Safe clock speeds

I'm looking for information that will tell me the safe clock speeds for a voltage range. For example from 1.8v to 2.5v what is the highest clock speed I can run safely. usually there is a figure in the datasheet, but I can't find it. I'm using a ...

Resolved! CAN transceiver on stm32f407 discovery

Hello dear friends,It's been a week since I worked on the CAN transceiver and couldn't make it work. I have set up the chip rcc, bit rate, and receive interrupt of CAN, set the receive filter, and the receiver id in transmission, with no success. I h...

STM32F030F4Px USART problem

i'm using STM32F030F4Px for MODBUS Master Slave communication based on USART (RS485 communication). i'm using 9600 baud rate, 8bit 1 stop bit communication with DMA and HAL. Master is transmitting 8 bytes to slave after 10 or 20 msec which are receiv...

NSing.5 by Senior
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