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Associate II


1, Im searching for an mcu which can handle a HS/FS communication(sends data to PC 50*8830bytes) with a PC, and an USB fs communication with a external 4 port hub. the hub will connect 4 stm's which sends data(1316 bytes) periodicaly and sincronized  to the main mcu.


2, Does any of the possible MCUs require some extra hardware on the either of the USB ports, if it has 2 separate USB peripheries to handle the PC communication and the HUB communication?


3, On the coding side, what do i need to know to make it working?


4, If need more experience, who can do it ? possible timeline 3-4 week



Some compelling reason to use USB to connect the FOUR nodes, and not some faster/simpler synchronous bus?

With ONE STM32 at the consolidating node connecting the the PC, this would all be a lot simpler than trying to manage a USB stack.

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Associate II

With USB,

- 2 meter cable can be used, without data corruption,

- less wires simplifying the design


- There are some sensors on the other end which need to be gathered and sorted into a buffer, and then sent to the main STM32 Node
- This Main Node also has one sensor hooked up, so it has its own stuff to do, then sync upp the external Node data and send it to the PC


What options do you have in mind, alternatives for USB?