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How to use an AD7768 with STM32H743

I will be working on a project were I need to make a lot of analog measurement very fast. Therefor we are using the AD7768 component from Analog, connected to a NUCLEO-H743ZI development board. I haven't been working with this kind of interface to an...

LKris.1 by Associate II
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ADC Input protection

I will be using 16 channels of STM32 ADC and I would like to protect them against overvoltage and ESD (those will be used as device inputs and unwanted situations can happen), my initial thought was to use a Zenner diode array and current limiting re...

KPerg.1 by Associate II
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Old date and time on STM32H753 RTC after some days

I'm using STM32H753 on my board and the RTC to get date and time. I'm using the HAL library generated with STMCube. I have set the date and time and the RTC works fine keeping the date and time up to date. The problem is that after more or less 8 day...

STeba.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! PWM not working with STM32F746ZGTX nucleo 144 board.

HI, am new to stm32f7, i used the examples in the HAL library for generating PWM signals.The Examples are working fine, but i tried to write my own code using the HAL to generate pwm . but none of is working. am using HAL version is STM32Cube_FW_F7_V...

NMath.3 by Associate II
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