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Resolved! Why I cannot register for the STM32H5 webinar??

This is the first time that I cannot register with my usual email address (which I use for this community). Just have registered for another webinar on STM32MP. Why registration for the H5 webinar does not like my email? 

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Debugging from bank 2

I'm working with Nucleo-f439zi board.I use dual banking feature.I cannot find a way to debug from bank 2how to debug application from bank 2 ?


One of my friends noticed, that ST NRND'd not only the STM8, but also the whole STM32L1xx family.However, in contrast to STM8, the 'L1 are under the 10-year commitment program, so they should continue to be available in the next 9 years. JW


Which flag definition would be faster ?

I have a lot of different flags in project, I wonder which style definition reads faster by processor .Definition 1     typedef struct{   __IO uint8_t flag1 ;   . //other flags     }Flag_t ;     Definition 2     typedef struct{   ...

hazall by Associate III
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How to search appropriate STM32

I'm looking for an STM32 which features:-Cortex M4 or M7-CAN bus capability -FPU/DSP capability-at least 512kb flash (tough I prefer 1MB or even more)-no BGA (I need to adapt it manually to a breadboard for testing - BGA makes things complicated at t...

MWebe.3 by Associate
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Interfacing MLX90614 sensor i2c with STM32F401 Discovery board. Problem : I am getting device address, register address, data address correct, but getting always NACK in stop condition. Can anyone please help me, this is my code snippet.

uint8_t I2C_ADDRESS = 0x00;I2C_HandleTypeDef hi2c1;int main(void){HAL_StatusTypeDef status = HAL_ERROR; uint8_t buf[3] = {0,};uint32_t temp_data_a; uint32_t temp_data_o; __IO float T; __IO float To;while (1){ HAL_I2C_Mem_Read(&hi2c1, 0x00, 0x06, I2C...

APand.7 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32f303re wrong adc value reading

I am using stm32f303re nucleo board, I apply a voltage of 3.3 volts directly to the adc2_in2 analog pin of the stm32f303 microcontroller. My adc resolution rate is 12 bits and the value I read is around 3975. this causes me to get wrong results, why ...

TB5BYO by Associate II
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