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Storing data in the option byte of STM32 memory.

Hi,1.Can I use option bytes to store the data(eg: Serial number, values storage etc).is It possible if so please share the available resource link/ example for reference. I am using STM32G491RE MCU.I want to write some data in to option byte memory a...

Resolved! STM32L431CCY not reliably booting

I made a little proof-of-concept board for the L431, as I wanted to see what it would take to do a BGA design. I've been able to program is using the STM32CubeIDE, but the board won't boot reliably.STM32CubeIDE v1.13.1Jlink Plus Compact0.1uF Bypass c...

sethkaz by Associate III
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ADC conversion using End of Conversion Selection?

Good evening....I would like to do an A/D conversion on Channel 9 and Channel 10. I have a timer that goes off every second and within this ISR I call HAL_ADC_Start_IT. The ISR gets called upon conversion complete. Now the question is End of Conve...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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STM32F756VGH6 problem running 2 timers at the same time

Hi,I am a newbie learning to program STM32 via registers only. I have been doing step after step progress and managed to test and run the led blink program, timer delay, external interrupt etc. So hardware, core clock and other configurations are alr...

Vilius by Associate II
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Resolved! One pulse with repitition counter

Posted on March 03, 2017 at 08:14 Hi all, I am a newbie developer for STM I am developing an application using the STM32F746 Discovery board and KEIL uVision. I need to output two pulses on GPIO that I will feed to another board. The first pulse ...


DMA write single ADC value incrementally into buffer

I want to make it so the DMA continuously writes the value of an ADC channel into a large buffer in a way that it doesn't write over the previous value in the buffer, but it increments the address so it fills the buffer with values from that singular...

JS8 by Associate III
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Resolved! CAN Communication with STM32F103

I am starting working with STM32. I need to establish a CAN Communication Protocol of STM32F103 (a blue pill board essentially) with Texas Instrument TMS320F28234. I have already established and successfully tested the CAN Protocol at the TMS320F2823...

Sraman by Associate II
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