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please let me know my coding is correct ,whether usage of my exti is correct  while (1) { HAL_Delay(300); // MAINS INPUT Adc_Mains(); HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc1); HAL_ADC_PollForConversion(&hadc1,1000); Main...

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! JPG Image with LIBJPEG (STM32F4)

I'm trying to read a .JPG image file from my SD Card (FATFS) and want to use LIBJPEG for decoding it. Everything seems to be fine until I execute the **jpeg_start_decompress()** function. As soon as this ifunction is executed a UsageFault is generate...


I couldn't able wakeup the system after standby (wakeup should be switching ON mains ) the wakeup pin PA2 is connected to mains pin configured for pwr wakeup.  int main(void) { /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */ /* USER CODE END 1 */ /* MCU Configuratio...

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H7 SPI vs STM32F4 spi

Im moving my project code from stmf407 to stm32h743 and i have stucked with spi. First of all stmh743 has many more registers and it also lack some of them like RXONLY register in CR1. What im trying to do its receive 19bytes from the master,the mast...

Screenshot_2.png stm32f4 init.png after_init_STmh7.png h7 clock.png

Resolved! USART2 problem

Hello,I would like to ask a question, I'm usin a STM32F429I-DISC1 REV-E01 for a TouchGFX application. I want to send data by UART to my pc. I configure CubeMX (screenshot attached) and then, in my code, I write those lines for a test. But it does'nt ...

ABIZO.1 by Associate II
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FR_NOT_READY with SDIO, microSD 32GB and MCU STM32F407

I was trying to interface a microSD card (32GB) with STM32F407 through SDIO. Tried 1-bit and 4-bit modes. But it always gets me back FR_NOT_READY. and the program always stuck here: FATFS configuration: SDIO configuration: Clock:Where I'm doing any m...

MKDas_0-1691048899635.png MKDas_1-1691048968290.png MKDas_2-1691049050508.png MKDas_3-1691049071703.png
MKDas by Associate II
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