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STM32 MCU capabilities with parallel processing

I am trying to design a modular avionics bay whereby I came across a concept called parallel processing, whereby multiple MCU's can be utilised to both increase processing capabilities, decrease power consumption of one chip, and to allow for modular...

LWebb.1 by Associate
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STM array not being initialized properly.

I want to run some C++ code on my STM32H747I-DISCO board. I am trying to initialize 4D vector with all values as 6. (just for initialization purposes). The shape of the vector is (1,23,249,4). I have two variables s1 and v1, which store the size and ...

SMehr.2 by Associate
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USART3 nucleo STM32F767ZI virtual com port

I have some problems to see in the serial port the message of my nucleo board, for this board I read that for USART 3 Virtual COM SB4 and SB7 most be off, and SB5 and SB6 on, for the st/link serial but nothing happens. I debug the code and all is wor...

JVele.1 by Associate
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STM32G4 SAI Data Processing in I2S Mode

Dear STM Community,I've configured the SAI on my Nucleo-G474RE board by setting the protocol to "I2S Standard" and data size to 24 bits to communicate with an external 24 bit ADC. Further, the SAI works together with the DMA to fill the buffers. Here...

abg1984 by Associate II
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Resolved! How do I find out, that the battery was inserted into my system? = find out the difference between power up and reset after shutdown/standby mode ( G031 )

We have a battery driven system based on STM32G031K8 and a S2-LP for RF running from a CR2032.I use the shutdown mode to keep power as low as possible. System is done by a reed contact connected to a wake up pin.We want to find out, whether the batte...

SThie.1 by Associate II
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STM32F411RC Flash �?역�? 대한 �?�기 �? 256k �?��? �?역�? 대한 사용 가능 �?�유

안녕하세요.현재 STM32F411RC 제품�?� 사용하고 있습니다. 해당 디바�?�스�? 대해 담당 펌웨어 엔지니어가 Flash �?역�?� 256k를 넘겨서 Flash memory �?역으로 선언하여 �?�작�?� 시켰는�?� 정�? �?�작�?� �?�었다고 합니다. 전�? 오프 후 해당 �?역�?� �?�어�?� 쓴 �?��?�터가 잘 �?�어진다고 해서 256k �?��?�?� �?역�? 대해 Flash Memory로 정�?�해서 사용하...

UJang.2 by Associate
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