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Resolved! ESD protection on JTAG and SWD

I am reading the  "Getting started with STM32U5 MCU" guie, which mentions that JTAG/SWD lines should have a 47-Ohms resistor and a 6.1V diode for ESD protection,.I am using s STLINK-V3SET to program a custom board. STLINK already includes these compo...

dhs by Senior
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ADC Reading on Vbat Incorrect STM32G051C8T6

The issue I am having is as follows on the STM32G051C8T6. We are using the internal RTC with Vbat pin. On this MCU Vbat can be internally configured to be read by the ADC by diving by 3 Bridge. We have ADC Setup, I am making sure we perform the ADC C...

KDham.1 by Associate II
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Hello everyone, I'm really in crisis. I have a STM32F303VC discovery microcontroller and I'm developing a program to make it communicate with LABVIEW through USART. LABVIEW can communicate only through the COM ports of the PC. The problem is that wh...

ferraro by Associate
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Resolved! stm32c011f6p6

I needed a help how to implement shutdown mode and wakeup from external reset in my application   while (1) { HAL_Delay(100); // MAINS INPUT Adc_Mains(); HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc1); HAL_ADC_PollForConversion(&hadc1,1...

meena by Associate III
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Current sensitivity for Analog input

Hi all,I'm working with an STM32WL and I'm looking for an information I can't found. I have a voltage divider with 2 resistors to meseaure the battery voltage. I'd like to know what is the minimum current that the stm32wl can have on an analog input ...

SBaro.11 by Associate III
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stm32h735G_DK OB PCROP DMEP can't reset (un check)

Hello everyone, i am having issues with my board, I can't load to it. I am getting data read failed when i open stm32cubeprogrammer the OB PCROP DMEP box is checked (I did it) and I can't find a way to uncheck it. I have tried the ST-LINK_CLI.exe too...

A1bucker by Associate III
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Resolved! Putting STM32F103 in sleep mode

Hello,I am trying to put my STM32F103C8T8 in sleep mode where all clocks are running etc. and wake it up using external UART interrupt.I am using MikroC as an environment and I don't think they have Wait for interrupt function. Is there any other sol...

UMilo.1 by Associate III
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Package Data Register

I am using 2 devicesSTM32L4A6VGY6P (package WLCSP100L) STM32L4A6ZGT6P (package LQFP144)My FW needs to differentiate between these 2 devices and so the package data register (0x1FFF7500) seems like a no brainer to use for that.The problem is my WLCSP1...


STM32WB55 Code is stuck in HAL_Delay() function

Hello ,   I am searching for solution that my code is stuck in the hal_delay function. I couldnt figure it out exact solution. Indeed, this problem is posted in community many times. When I try to initilize the code form cubeMX and test it on --nucle...

baydı.1 by Associate III
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