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USB VCP Packet Loss with STM32L4R and Windows

Hello, I have an STM32L4R9ZI controller connected to a computer running Windows 10. I have a custom protocol where the computer sends a command and my controller responds. I am using VCP to achieve this. The communication is established and operation...

Makarand by Associate II
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Resolved! PC3_C as input

I use PC3_C pin as an GPIO_Input, but when i debug it is flickering between 1 and 0 even without any connection to the pin. anyone knows what happened?this is the setup i useGPIO_InitStruct.Pin = Emergency_Pin;GPIO_InitStruct.Mode = GPIO_MODE_INPUT;G...

BAl K.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! 1.8V Power Supply on STM32H735

Hello, I'm designing a board based on the STM32H735IGK3 microcontroller in which I want to include two HyperBus / OctoSPI memories in multiplexed mode. For this kind of memories there is more avaiblity on 1.8V power supply, but reading the documentat...

vmartinm by Associate
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Issues Communicating with MLX90393

I'm currently using a STM32 Nucleo-G071RB, I am trying to connect to a DAC (MCP4725) and also to a MLX90393 both using I2C, the DAC is connecting fine, but I am getting nothing from the MLX90393, has anyone used this device and been able to get anyth...

JNava.3 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G0B1CET6 vs STM32G0B1CET6N

Hi everyone,I am not sure what is the difference between GP and N version of the chip. What I can find in the datasheet is that N version has additional VDDIO2 and VSS pins. If that is the only difference, what changes do these pins bring?Thanks! 

zoranr by Associate II
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