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Hi,I started a design with STM32U5 series MCU. In the STM32CubeX's HSE settings, there is a new option "DIGBYPASS Clock Source'. What's the differences with the old 'bypass clock source'?Thanks.
Hi,Why there are no QFN packages for STM32U59 series? Will it be added in the future?Thanks.
Hi,We are planning migrate our product based on STM32G431CBU6 to STM32G474CCU6. Need to make sure they are compatible in hardware design, are the two pin-to-pin compatible?Thanks. 
Hi,May I exchange the in/exit of the EMIF03? As the pin name indicate there are in pins and exit pins. But from the internal diagram, the ins and outs are exchangeable.Thanks.
Hi, I'm reading the AN5496 - Rev 3. I'm confused by equation (6) and (7). If all they are the transfer function of the closed-loop system, why there are different?Thanks.
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