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Resolved! ADC External trigger from GPIO

Hi!MCU: STM32U575CITMy goal is to use ADC1 and trigger it from external source. In CubeMX I select one regular channel and set Conversion trigger to Regular Conversion trigger.What happens next is BOTH ADC_EXTI15 and ADC_EXTI11 are activated, and I c...

Next by Associate
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TFM-Loader In STM32U585

Greetings, supportTeamEnjoy your day.I am developing a procedure for updating the firmware.For this procedure, I'm using TFM-Boot and TFM-Loader. In TFM Loader, I've included several features like image validation and re-install image functionality.H...

Resolved! Multi ADC Mode with STM32F705

Hello. I am using an STM32F7508 board and would like to use 2 ADUs. I ran them without DMA to begin with, which worked. Then I put them into operation with a DMA, where only one of the two worked.I saw Multi ADC in the data sheet as a deletion for th...

Need recommendation for JTAG connection in STM32 MCU

I am using STM MCU part STM32F303ZET6. Do i need to provide pullup or pull down for JTAG signals? Please help me here with recommendation on which signal to be pulledup or down.Below image is the connection i did for now.please take a look and advise...

Screenshot 2023-07-14 192944.png
KJ.4 by Associate III
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STM32F207VGT6 VCP start fail

Hi Mr. and Miss.At present, I use a circuit board designed by myself, using STM32F207VGT6. Initialize the VCP function using STM32CubeIDE. But there was a phenomenon that it couldn't solve. Error Code10 displayed on Windows.Attached is my circuit dia...

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SimonLee by Associate II
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Use internal flash and external NOR in one application

I am using stm32h743, my program is too big to fit in internal flash so I have to use QSPI or FMC. My question is that I don't want to put the whole application in external flash since it is slower, are there ways to have my part of the application i...

XLin.2 by Associate II
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Numbers in LCD custom are blurred or disappered

i had some trouble with my stm32 project about custom LCD using HT1622. LCD display all number i want but some position number is blurred or disappeared. In addition, numbers have fewer bit 1 are almost blurry and others is ok, i don't know this erro...

gggghhhh by Associate
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