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Flashing OTA with custom PCB & BLE Sensor Module

I'm trying to flash ota using the BLE_Sensor iPhone app and I see different interfaces when the app is interfaced with the custom PCB and a NucleoWB55 board. The picture with the OTA config tab is the Nucleo board. The other is the custom pcb w/ modi...

IMG_4582.jpg IMG_4581.jpg
od805 by Associate III
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Resolved! SD Write error some time , not stable

Hi ,   I made a STM32F405VGT6 board with SD card interface. The SD code is generated using STM32CUBEMX and FatFs middleware.   The SD file write is not stable, it return error sometimes after calling f_write(). However, if I run the same code in uVis...

MHo.15 by Associate III
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Placing variables in dedicated part of memory.

Hi  I'm using a STM32L433 in a battery application, and running in Stop mode. I want to keep some variables in RAM2 so their values are not lost when the processor is woken up.I managed to get it working as follows. I created a block in the linker fi...

Resolved! NUCLEO-H723ZG I2S with PI-mod i2s stereo codec

Hey everyoneI was successfully running i2s on the stm m4 cores but trying to make the jump to h7 and running into a issue. Using the same code and the DMA triggers but no code is being loaded in the rx buffer. Not sure the tx buffer is being sent out...

stm32L073 Flashing

I am using STM32L073RZI MCU on a custom PCB design. I am looking for a board that flashes the chip before I place it on the PCB.  I checked website and I didn't see any product to flash the chip. Is there any board to flash the firmware onto t...

oucler by Associate II
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STEVAL-ESC001V1 CAN interface

I am looking for information regarding the CAN interface on the STEVAL-ESC001v1 board. In the features of the device it lists CAN as a feature but the documentation does not provide additional information on how exactly the CAN interface can be used ...

High Current on Nucleo H745ZI-Q in Standby Mode

Hello all,I am evaluating the STM32H745 for an application which requires very low power. I am using the Nucleo H745ZI-Q for this evaluation and STM example code I downloaded. The datasheet for the STM32H745 indicates that I should expect to see a cu...