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Resolved! H743 PLL1 P-divider discrepancy

Hi! I wonder if the P-divider for the PLL1 on the STM32H743 is allowed to be 1.The reference manual (rev. 8 ) states in figure 47 (section 8.5.5) that only values from 2, 4, ... to 128 are allowed. In the register description (section 8.7.13) however...

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DanielST by Associate II
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Resolved! Interrupt priority in STM32F429

Good morning, I have some problems with interrupt priority on the STM32F429.I set up a serial communication on UART1 with this priority// USARTNVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannel = USART1_IRQn;NVIC_InitStructure.NVIC_IRQChannelPreemptionPriority = 0;N...

gerson74 by Associate II
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Resolved! Unable achieve delay with timer14 in stm32g030kt6 MCU

Hi all,I tried to configure timer 14 to generate interrupt every 500 ms . i am toggling an GPIO to measure delay .when put a breakpoint interrupt gets triggered but unable to see waveform in logic analyser of GPIO toggling with delay .My clock freque...

Nchun.1 by Senior
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Debugging software in bank2 with dual bank device.

Hello,I'd like to know if there's a way to debug a software running in bank2 of a dual bank flash device, in my case a STM32L476, having the FB_MODE bit set in SYSCTL->MEMRMP register. This would greatly ease tuning the algorithm for flash management...

VBess.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F103CBU6 HAL_Init Hangsup or STM32CubeIDE?

Hello,I am not really new, but i have a courious problem.I have a STM32F103CBU6 device (new), and started a new C++ Project with STM32CubeIDE 1.13.2 and the STM32Cube FW_F1 V1.8.5 firmware package.I have a external crystal for both (HSE + LSE) and is...

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Sany by Associate III
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STM32U575 Reference not working?

I'm using an STM32U575 chip with a couple of it's peripherals. I'm trying to get the ADC1 working. It's currently sampling a few pins, but when I read the data, it seems to always be 4095 (max value). Looking into it further, the VREF+ pin is sitting...

sethkaz by Associate III
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STM32H743 POWER without LDO

I have designed a board based on STM32H743VGT6. This package doesn't have LDO PIN. Which item in CUBEMX i have to choose for power supply? Do I have to connect voltage to VCAP pins?

Mozh by Associate
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Web UI on STM32

HeyI want to make a product with WEB UI . My goal is product that will connect to my internal network and I want to be able open a browser on my computer and write the IP of the product, I will connect to its web page and I can control it.I would app...

TOsso.1 by Associate II
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