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Resolved! Generating Timer Interrupt between 1BPM to 999BPM

Is there a way to use timers to trigger an interrupt at between 1.00BPM and 999.00BPM, with a 2 decimal resolution?   I'm currently using an STM32F373 with 8Mhz clock for my timers, and set the Timer Prescaller to 8000-1, and set the ARR register to ...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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Resolved! Kit/boards recommendation for handheld game console

Hi,I have for dream to be able to create a handheld game console like the PSP when I was younger. It's for this main reason I study electronics.I wonder if there is a kit that help me to understand and learn about the concept of it or something not t...

KarlY by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32u599NIH doesn't exist in the board selector tab

Hi guys , I'm currently engaged in a project that utilizes the STM32U599NIH microcontroller. Typically, I would initiate my work by searching for the project under the board selector tab, but in this case, the board is conspicuously absent. While I w...

Anassoumi by Associate III
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stm32f4 hardfault

hiI use stm32f4 micro but an external interrupt pinwhen i increase frequency of the external signal connected to interrupt pin, the micro jump to hardfaultwhy? how I can detect the solution? 

jhasa2_0-1697953350580.png jhasa2_1-1697953356273.png jhasa2_2-1697953358673.png
jhasa.2 by Associate III
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Stuck while reading/wirting from/to SD card

Hi, I have STM32F407 and trying to read/wirte from/to SD card and often the code get stuck in the this loop: static uint32_t SD_FindSCR(SD_HandleTypeDef *hsd, uint32_t *pSCR) { //... while(!__HAL_SD_GET_FLAG(hsd, SDIO_FLAG_RXOVERR | SDIO_FLAG_DC...

JBond.1 by Senior
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STM32L412 UART Interrupt not working

Hi, I am new to STM32. I am facing problem with UART interfacing. I have connected UART to GSM modem and I am using AT Commands to interface with modem. To test the commands and its response, I have connected the serial sniffer (UART to USB converter...

STM32H745 - How to stop or reset CM4 from CM7 core

I have built a bootloader at the begin of CM7 flash memory. I want to update both CM7 and CM4 flash memory. How is it possible to stop CM4 execution before updating the flash memory and reset the CM4 core after update? All must be controlled only fr...

Resolved! STM32f103 Eprom emulation

Hi amazing community.I am working with the following mcu STm32F103Since in the design of our board we didn't insert any real eeprom for saving some data we decided to use a emulation tecnique   provided from ST Here below it is reported the header fi...

SGasp.1 by Senior
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STM32H747L-Disco with COM35H3P70ULC Display

Hi, i try to get the COM35H3P70ULC Display to work with the STM32H747L-Disco Board using a custom Adapter PCB. The Display is connected using 2 Lane DSI and i tried to configure the DSI Host to communicate with it. I cant get it work or respond to an...

LRees by Associate
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