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STM32L0 SPI communication with DMA, Slow CS

STM32L0 SPI communication with DMA. The SPI CS line is controlled with software. It appears to stay low for about 72uS when the communication only takes about 4uS. Right before setting the DMA to roll, I set the CS to 0. Nothing else is pending for t...

Dude by Associate III
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Resolved! TIM4 counter stops when ADC1 DMA less than 3 channels used.

I know this is very weird behavior but it is quite easily reproduceable error. I am running Windows 11 on a laptop.CubeMX version : 6.9.1CubeIDE version : 1.13.1Board I am using is this. Looks like genuine STM32F103C8T6 chip.I could upload USB_DEVICE...

stm32.jpg stm32_setup.png adc.png
KYou.1 by Associate II
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STM32L412 Internal Flash Write is not working

Hi ,I am preparing flash the binary using the USB in STM32L412.I checked STM32 USB DFU code. It is working only read. I couldn't write in the STMDFU application.I tried to write to flash ,But i am getting HAL_ERROR and read the FLASH SR register show...

Resolved! Flash RDP activate

Hello everyone, I have board and I used STM32G071 MCU on this board. I want to activate RDP Level 1. There is my code:   void SysCodeProtection( void ){FLASH_OBProgramInitTypeDef pOBInit = {0}; HAL_FLASHEx_OBGetConfig( &pOBInit ); if ( pOBInit.RDPLev...

RE11 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32-F103RBT6 Heating up

Hi,Can anyone tell me why the STM32F103RBT6 getting heated, When ever I connected to the CPU through the USB port the ST-Link will not showing and the code also not Flashing and getting heated.Thanks,Kalyan

Kalyan12 by Associate
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Motor profiling does not reach 100%

Hello,i have stm32g431 product and a motor. When i try to profile motor in motor profiler, it does not reach to 100%. It stucks at 28%. What can i do?I did try change parameters (max voltage and current), it did not help. Any advice?

Resolved! USB VBAT and controller power

Hi , I am using STM32L072CBT6 for my project. We have to use USB for configuration purpose. The controller VDD is connected to 1.8V power supply, but the VDD_USB is 3.3V. Is there any issue to connect 2 different powers ? 

Resolved! Nucleo-144 STM32H755ZI vs STM32F767ZI

Hey there,I am facing a problem with the clocks on the STM32H755ZI. When I let a timer run at 50 kHz I get only smt. like 49.92 kHz out of it with sigma = 13 Hz. So there is at any frequency a steady offset of -1.2% and a sigma deviation of 0.03%. I ...

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lserrnt by Associate II
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