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Resolved! UART message not Receiving in ESP32 from STM32

hi all,I'm Trying to send a string from STM32F401RE MCU to EPS32 Via UART i have programmed both STM as well as ESP32 and i successfully verified that data is available on UART pin of STM  Data on UART Pins of STMBut I'm not able to receive data on E...

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Undefined Instruction Hard Fault

I am using an STM32L562VET6Q.  My device contains both a (custom) bootloader and an application.  The bootloader jumps into the application by reading the address of the Reset_Handler from the application's ISR vector then branching to this address. ...

BASEPRI setting after reset

Board: Riverdi display with STM32H757XIH6 MCU; using TouchGFX and FreeRTOSI think I know how BASEPRI register works and how it is used in FreeRTOS. What I do not know is where is the value of BASEPRI register set at the beginning of the program. I no...

f_write takes 10 seconds for stm32f417vgt6

Hello, ST experts STM32F417 is used on custom hardware design. And everything is OK except SD card. At first SD card works well. f_write takes about several milliseconds. But when the free space of SD card(San Disk Ultra 64GB) is less then e.g. 10GB,...

Issue with ADC conversion time.

Hi, I am developing digital control for power electronics for which ADC conversion time is critically. In stm32f334r8 reference manual I saw it takes only 0.19us at lowest sampling time i.e 1.5 cycles. when I tried to measure the adc conversion time ...

vasudev by Associate II
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Resolved! MB1641 - Nucleo STM32WB15CC slowness between BLE and UART

Hello! I have a Nucleo Board MB 1641 (STM32WB15CC) and I am developing an application using BLE, in P2P mode. Including based on the usage example provided by ST.The application needs to transmit from the UART to the BLE and return the response from ...

Wiliam by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7 problem with UART Rx IT callback

Hello everyone!After many hours of grinding through forums & discussing with ChatGPT (really, ChatGPT is like my best friend now), I still fail to understand what must be a simple notion with an easy solution. This is why I'm posting this in forums. ...

CAdat.1 by Associate II
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