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Resolved! Missing info in reference manual

In the STM32L562 reference manual (RM0438), v7.0, the section 11.6.13 "GPIO register map" is missing the registers MODER and PUPDR (which are documented in the preceding sections).

SZano by Associate III
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Resolved! Is there a possibility to read the HRTIM timer value ?

Hello,I'm planning to use the STM32G474 to read a pulse width. This width is a delay value in nanoseconds.I'm wondering if there is any possibility to use the High resolution timer (HRTIM) for that operation.I would use the events to trigger a rising...

Sidius by Associate III
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Hello everyone,I'm working on a project where i use 2 STM32 MCU which communicate with each other with LPUART and DMA.My STM32 references : STM32L072CBT6 and STM32L010C6T6I have a problem with this communication with LPUART and DMA. I see that error ...

MLam by Associate III
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Resolved! SDMMC does not work after power cycle

Hi,I am using STM32H747. I have successfully write&read micro sd card over SDMMC2 peripheral while debugging. But after debugging, when I power cycle or reset the board, I am not able to use sd card. I see FatFS open file failing. The board is arduin...

serhat1 by Associate
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How to use printf/scanf in both cores using SWO?

I have the M7 core running and printing debug messages to the IAR Workbench terminal, and also have the M4 doing something similar. My probem is that I get a hard fault in the M4 core if the its printtf messages are included in the build. If I don...

Resolved! PWM Dim

I am trying a PWM output with jumper connectors.when mains fail(input supply)PWM is on indicated by a lamp and OFF when there is a supply .in between if the supply is OFF and Lamp is in ON there is a jumper connect to PA6 (input)of stm32c011f6p6.if t...

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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STM32L031 Programming and debugging using Tag Connect

Hello. I am currently working with the STM32L031 Nucleo board: The board has integrated ST-LINK so it is quite easy and convenient to flash the devic...

LPetr.1 by Senior
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Does powering shorted board hurt stm32?

firstly i am new to here, dont know much rules about posting. 1 minute ago i saw post about shorted power dont kills mcu but can it damage stm32?so i shorted my 3d printer board(stm32g0b1ret6 probably) via 3.3v and gnd(general probably). i checked by...

Hoorow by Associate II
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