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STM32U5 low power audio with I2S

Hello,I'm looking into the STM32U5 for an audio application.I have a microphone that works with I2S and I want to use it with the STM32U5 in a power efficient way.I've seen that the SAI peripheral can with with I2S but it can't stay on during STOP mo...

GG.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Solution to avoid immediate TIM IRQ in CMSIS.

Hi,I 'm trying to code TIM to count 5s for me using CMSIS. Using the code snippet provided below I got IRQ immediately.RCC->APBENR2 |= RCC_APBENR2_TIM16EN ; // Enable TIM16 clock TIM16->PSC = 16000 - 1 ; // 1 ms TIM16->ARR = 10000 - 1 ; // 10 s = 100...

STM32F2XX + SDIO + FatFs problem

Posted on January 09, 2012 at 10:38Hi, I've a problem with my STM32. I need to use fat filesystem on SD card to read/write/create files. I tried to use Chan FatFs module but it didn't working at all ... I use SD card in SDIO and 4 wires mode. When I...

Resolved! Voltage Regulator in STM32H7 HAL Manual

Hi,I just wanted to mention that its really frustrating that in the STM32H7 HAL Manual, in the RCC Section,1. There isnt a simple step by step guide to setting up the clock config to follow along, like there is for other things like GPIO's. As someon...

Addition Problem

Hi,    I am doing something fundamental and cannot get this thing running.  n =(TIM1->CNT); z= n + 3;   for the first loop cycle 'z' is =3 This is as expected, But as soon as the CNT is increased by 1 the value of 'z' is 4 as shownLOOP COUNTCOUNT...

ZExpo.1 by Senior
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