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hello dear forum,I want receive varying no of char from UART in IT modeHAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_IT() function is good but how to know amount of received chars ?thank you
I want to enable backup domain of STM32F103C8 but I cannot find the BKP option in .IOC file in CubeIDEplease advice thank you
hello dear forum,my 103c8 blue pill doesnot enter TIM1 CC interrupt although there is square wave at A8 pinthe variable which I increment inside interrupt routine doesnot count I can see TIM1 counting in CubeIDE I am missing something but I cant f...
hello dear forum accidentally i define same global variable in two different c file why I havent got any error thank you
selected processor does not support `wfi' in Thumb mode mcu: stm32f103c8 - Ide: stm32cubeide how can I fix this error ?,thank you
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