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Resolved! H743VI - pin dies away -- reliability problem of chip ?

Hi,Just yesterday on my H743VIT6 (rev. V ) on the running TFT : picture faded away...white screen.I just happened to look at the display , thinking ...ok, maybe one of the thin wires just broke now...TFT (small, 1,8" , ST7735 on 3,3V) connected /sold...

AScha.3 by Principal III
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Resolved! STM32H563ZITx series ADC conversion-Reg

Tried implementing ADC conversion on STM32H563ZI Nucleo board. But, getting only a constant value like 66,67,68,69 in serial monitor(Tera term) irrespective of the given input even the i/p is unplugged getting the same values. Need a help to fix this...

Resolved! UART to interface with TMC2209-Eval Board problems

HiI have to connect an STM34 Nucleo board to a TMC2209. I have to setup a single wire UART. Only TX is connected with the TMC board.I transmitted a datagram and when I try to receive the response I get back the initial data I have e sent.Does anybody...

RPG by Senior
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Resolved! Interrupt problem on stm32f7 (bare-metal)

Hello, I would like to contact you because, following the code made on Keil uvision 5, I cannot get my interrupt to work.Objective of the code, turn on and off the LED (pb0) of the card with the button (pc13) on it itself.PCB Used : STM32F767ZI

Nucleo-F207ZG UART issue

Good day I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I was quite successful on other dev kits to import examples. I have downloaded en.stm32cubef2-v1-9-4 from the ST website and I am trying to import some of the examples from th eProjects->NUCLEO-F207ZG->...

SDu T by Associate II
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STM32 timeline infographics

Is there a newer version of this infographics: was used in the "10 years of STM32" campaign.If there is no such, can please such infographics ...