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UART interrupt reception issue in STM32G4

Hi,I am working with STM32G4.I am communicating with STM32G4 with other controller through  UART interrupt communication. The data is transmitting and receiving between stm32g4 and other mcu. Some times I am not receiving the data properly from other...

Resolved! Nucleo STM32H5 debugging OpenOCD

Hi all,I recently got a Nucleo STM32H563ZI board to start doing development with the STM32H5x family of microcontrollers but I'm having issues trying to setup a debug session in VSCode. I've download the STM32 OpenOCD version and compiled it as it se...

margce by Associate III
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Resolved! Fake STM32?

I had a board assembled through JLCPCB, which included mounting an STM32L071. When the PCB arrived, I loaded a program with a blinking LED in an infinite loop. Unfortunately, the program didn't behave as expected, and during debugging, I encountered ...

JR2963 by Senior
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Issue with Hardware Semaphor

Dear ST support team, I am using STM32-H755 for my motor control application. I am using Hardware Semaphore for synchronization between two cores. What I did, I developed the notification release in M4  in a timer interrupt routine as below: void TIM...

Usage of Comparators with PWM Generation

I am trying to design a digital SMPS with an STM32G0.ST has lots of literature stating that the comparators can be used to control the duty cycle of the PWM from a timer.I understand the use of a comparator to detect a fault and output to the BKIN in...

AdinAck by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G431C6 fails to power up sometimes.

I designed a board that uses the STM32G431C6 and is intended to connect in a chain with other similar boards, but I am having problems when powering them up. They turn on and work fine sometimes, but sometimes boards won't turn on. Each board I desig...

IvanOrot by Associate II
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