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Resolved! Input capture not detecting square wave

I have built a sine wave to square wave circuit and now want to measure its frequency with the STM. I can see on the oscilloscope that the circuit works, however I can detect neither a rising nor a falling edge with the chip. It is not a problem with...

Qwyntex by Associate III
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Resolved! Bus fault Accessing flash

Hi,MCU- STM32H7I get a busfault exception when I read bank2 flash memory. I can read bank1 with no issues. From the flash register SR2, it shows as ECC double bit error. This is new pcb and I can flash the hexfile to bank1 successfully. Even a Jlink ...

andy_long_0-1708033978473.png andy_long_1-1708034440760.png

Resolved! Debugger hangs at SCB_EnableDCache();

When I'm enabling DMA and run the code, the debugger hangs at "SCB_EnableDCache();" even though the function is correctly excuting when I go step by step. Also as seen in the examples the problem gets solved when using a static declaration  "static v...

STM32H7 UART (DMA with IDLE line) unknown length problem

Hello,I am trying to use UART with DMA with IDLE line for unkown length data reception and I am getting the following error:request for member 'NDTR' in something not a structure or union main.cI coded a couple of years ago a HAL_UART_RxCpltCallback(...

Inigo by Associate II
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Resolved! LWIP with Ethernet Cable Disconnected

I am using a Nucleo-F429ZI with FreeRtos and LWIP. I am having an issue with LWIP when I start with a disconnected Ethernet Cable and then when I connect it back when the firmware is running.I have a thread with the following code. 1 - The gnetif str...