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STM32CUBE IDE STM32L152VBTx and WakeupCallback -- None?

Hello,I am moving code from one MCU to this old STM32L152 in where the UART is configured as Multiprocessor Mode.I am using STM32 CubeIDEI get compile error..   It looks to me like there is no WakeupCallback at all. HAL_UARTEx_WakeupCallbackHAL_UART_...

Eddiie by Associate II
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STM32H573 I2S audio clock problem

Hi, I'm trying to set the following parameters for I2S in Device Configuration Tool (STM32CubeIDE v1.14.0): - Master Clock Output enable - audio frequency: 48kHz - Data and Frame Format: 16 bits I want to connect an external 12.288 MHz clock to the A...

Wojtek2 by Associate
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STM32U5A5: OCTOSPI and 1.08V GPIOs

In datasheet for STM32U5Axx is mentioned:a) "up to 14 I/Os with independent supply down to 1.08 V" - cool, great feature I needb) OCTOSPIM: "efficient OCTOSPI pin assignment with a full I/O matrix (before alternate function map)"What does it mean?Cou...

tjaekel by Senior III
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Resolved! Use ADC with DMA, then DMA to SDIO/MMC?

Hi all,I am using a STM32H723ZG Nucleo-144 board. Here I have attached a micro-SD card module. I am sampling from one of the ADCs with 8.33 Msps at 8-bit resolution. I am able to transfer the data to RAM using DMA without any loss. However, I wonder ...

elso by Associate III
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CEC HDMI hanshaking example and bug in MX report

First bug, i start testing CEC on F051DISCO . Open MX create config for KEIL v5 and generate code.After build and load i spent some hours to locate why code dont receive and hangs. Elaborate bad generated startus assembler file where is IRQ named CEC...

MM..1 by Chief II
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Resolved! DMAMUX configuration

Hello community,I cant get the dma working on the stm32g474. What I did till now:- enabled tim15 -> working with interrupts- enabled dma req. on update event- enabled dma and dmamux clocks in rcc- enabled dma int in nvic -> can be triggered through n...

Restart issue

Hi , I am using STM32L072CZT6 for our low power application. We are using Standby mode with RTC for alarm and periodic interrupt wakeup. The device is wakeup and work properly for more than 12 hours hours. After that the controller didn't operate and...

Resolved! input capture on STM32F030

i want use TIM1 CH1 in input capture using DMA.The DMA is set to peripheral to memory and store the data in a buffer of 100 elements.When the transfer of the 100 data is completed i want generate a TIM1 interrupt. Wich kind of interrupt of TIM1 i hav...


Hi community,I'm having a STM32F407VET6 PCB board where VBAT is connected to a 10 uF decoupling capacitor [Instead of recommended 100 nF capacitor].in order to achieve some backup time when both the coin cell and 3.3V are not connected.My RTC is work...

Dhanoosh by Associate II
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