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Wakeup from sleep or shutdown via TSC

Hello dear community. I am working on a project with a STM32L462CEU6 powered by battery. In this project we are also using TSC. Now I want STM32 to go in sleep or shutdown mode and wakeup when a touch pad has been touched. So the goal is that TSC mea...

Resolved! HRTIM 100% duty cycle

Hello,is there a solution to generate duty cycles between 0...100% with the HRTIM? I tried up-counting mode and center-aligned mode, but I wasn't able to achieve it. RegardsDominik Schmid

DSchm.3 by Associate
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Questions about how some HAL protocoles works in RTC

Hello ! I've been practicing how RTC works in STM32 Nucleo and I've used a code from this website tutorials.   void HAL_RTC_AlarmAEventCallback(RTC_HandleTypeDef *hrtc) { z ++; RTC_AlarmTypeDef sAlarm; HAL_RTC_GetTime(hrtc, &RTC_TimeStruct, FORM...

Xenon02 by Associate III
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HSE "overclocking" ?

Heyho,anybody ever put more than 50 MHz from an active oscillator to an F767 / H723 / H735 HSE input?I need a VCO there, and I have a few with 51.2 MHz, so less than +5% over.I'm pretty sure it won't damage anything, but before I start (de-) solderin...

LCE by Principal
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Resolved! Dynamic memory allocation in PSRAM

Hi,Currently I am using STM32L4R9 discovery board, which has 16-Mbit (2MB) PSRAM. I have been able to allocate static memory inside PSRAM by using following code and also by changing linker script file (.ld). I have attached my edited linker script w...

SSG by Associate II
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Issue while using USART as UART

In our application, STM32 micro controller  USART protocol is used as UART full duplex mode. what will be the  conditions to use USART as UART full duplex mode?Already I have disabled CLKEN bit in USART_CR2 register. Though, disabling CLKEN bit in US...

Sruthi1 by Associate
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Input: Read RC signal to Ouput: ON/OFF led

Hi, I read input PWM signal from RC radiolink (done): duty_cycle range 675-1347And now I want to convert this signal to analog to ON/OFF led, I used MAP funtions and I don't know how to move read_RC to ON led, something's like analogWrite (read_RC, L...

ManhPham by Associate
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Resolved! understand mmw command

Question: I have an example here that assign TRACE_IOEN and TRACE_MODE to sync 1 bit from the DBGMCU_CR register (Address: 0xE004 2004) by using this command: mmw 0xE0042004 0x00000060 0x000000c0. What the 0x000000c0 doing in the mmw command ? my bas...

vrai by Associate
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Analog Watchdog Interrupt feature in STOP Mode

Hello, this is my first project here, I'd like to get some guidance please.  I work with STM32L073 Nucleo board, and along other features successfully configured Analog Watchdog Interrupt on PA4 pin, it works great in normal mode, but not when the IC...

SergioL by Associate
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external SRAM

it passes the 16bit test but fails the 32 bit testwhen i check a good board the D1 signal is high not fluctuating.any advice?  

nadeemtamuk191_0-1698861485235.png nadeemtamuk191_1-1698861536147.png nadeemtamuk191_2-1698861573998.png