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Resolved! STM32F411E-DISCO and MCP2515 INTERRUPT

Hello, by connecting an mcp2515 to Stm32, I enabled it to communicate properly with other cards via the Can network. However, when a message arrives, I couldn't understand how to receive it with the INT pin and I couldn't do it. I tried connecting th...

sheqom by Associate III
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STSPIN32G4 as 600V Version

HelloFor future blower motors in our products, we are currently using the STSPIN32F0602. Unfortunately, memory space is very limited and we would like to use the STSPIN32G4 in order to introduce new products that are as future-proof as possible. Howe...

Thomi by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H730 ETH receive not working

Hi all,For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to deal with receiving an ETH frame from PHY on my own PCB design with STM32H730VBT.To make sure the firmware is OK I took a Nucleo-H723ZI (CPU from the same family) and configured it to work with ...

e1.png e2.png e3.png e4.png

STM32F401 I2C driver using register

I want to use two STM32F401xx MCU in proteus. One of them is to be a master and the other is to be a slave.This is my code for the master:  #include <stdint.h> #include <stdio.h> uint8_t temp=0; void begin(); void end(void); void Write (uint8_t)...

address.PNG proteus.PNG
AH25 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32WB QSPI FLASH - Winbond(W25N01GV)

Hello,I have been trying to make a driver for the Winbond(W25N01GV)  NAND flash over QSPI but I've been failing so far. Can somebody give me some ideas about what I am doing wrong?        #define UNPACK_UINT16_TO_2_BYTES(num) {(uint8_t) (((num) & 0x...

Dracu by Associate II
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Resolved! LAN8742A - STM32 and REF_CLK

Hi,I plan to use LAN8742A and STM32H7 for an ethernet application.In the datasheet for LAN8742A there is this very interesting sentense on page 34 i the datsheet:The REF_CLK Out Mode is not part of the RMII Specification. To ensure proper system oper...

tyassin by Associate III
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Resolved! Running STM32H7 timers at 480Mhz

Hello, how can I get timers running at 480Mhz to have maximum resolution?Here is a capture using latest stmcube version:I have tried D2PRE1 & D2PRE2 =1 but then warnings appear

JLope.11 by Associate III
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