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Resolved! Real time changing AHB,APB1 Prescaler, Sampling frequency

Good evening,I am trying to sample various signals at different frequencies with adc in dma. Changing the size of the acquisition buffer seems inefficient, so I opted to change the clock prescalers, but it's giving me problems (I guess on changing th...

davidec by Associate III
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Resolved! problem using PLL as SYSCLK over 200MHz on H5

I am trying to increase FCLK, and I changed the voltage scaling to VOS0, and configured the PLL1 for 240 MHz (src=HSI (HSIDIV=2), M=2, N=30, P=2), but it did not boot (it freezes when a change the system clock mux to PLL1). I realized when I decrease...

mete by Senior
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Trigger a dma spi communication by timer

Hi I like to find out How i can start a spi communication with DMA by a timer i tried to search a lot on google for this but didnt found any solution for the SPL and a F4.My Problem is i try to read out a ADC connected to SPI 1 very fast first i trie...

SKrau by Associate II
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Resolved! Can DMA trigger MDMA block transfer (linked list)

Hi All,I have a program that is supposed to transfer data from the integrated ADC on STM32H723 to the D1 RAM. I am using DMA for this, but the problem is that the DMA buffer is limited to 64KB, where I need around 200-250 KB buffer size. Here I am th...

elso by Associate III
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Resolved! hsi_ck should be hsi_ker_ck in the reference manual (0481)

In RM 0481 (STM32H563/H573) Rev 1, on page 444, Figure 48. Clock tree, HSI RC 64 MHz output is written as HSI (hsi_ck), whereas LSI and HSI48 outputs are named as lsi_ker_ck and hsi48_ker_ck. Since there is also a HSIDIV, and it is documented correct...

mete by Senior
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