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"Hello, while examining the STM32L412C8 microcontroller, I came across the term VDD12. What is VDD12, and can I use the peripherals without making the VDD12 connection? In other words, is it mandatory to make the VDD12 connection?"
I have read previous posts ,,,I set up dma to read adc ,Although dma's destination address is allocated from AXI RAM, dma does not work when d cache is active.Can anyone share detailed information or a sample code about this?
hello , I use spi and ı use slave mod spi. When I send a frequency of 500khz or more as a clock so data is shifting or I recieve wrong data but I send a frequency less than 500 khz I recieve true data. what is the reason of this.( use stm32h743z...
Hello , ı read RM0433 ,I could not understand the process in the image below(page 2198)
HelloI have hex can i return main code from hex file only