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Resolved! FreeRtos not all tasks are running

Hello, I have a problem with threads. All of them are of same priority, with osDelay(300), except the uartThread which has osDelay(1). Everything else is the same for all threads. I have allocated 20k of HEAP and in ioc file it says im using only 3.5...

PPopo.1 by Associate III
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STM32G491 FDCAN: Issue with error counters

I have been simulating errors on the bus by removing the other node (a motor controller). As expected I see a number of failed transmissions. I can see that the FDCAN peripheral signals an Active Error on the bus (presumably as a result of not gettin...

Multiplex 1 output to 12

Hello,What is the best way to multiplex an output pin to 12 output signals?  I currently have 1 output sourcing 3.3v through a 1k resistor which works well, but need it multiplexed to 12 identical outputs.  I see the STM32F373 has a max rating of 15m...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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STM32C0 with 5V power as in AN392

Hello, I am a little confused here, AN392 claims to run STM32C0 from a 5V power supply, directly from the main fed RCD dropper with a 5.6V Zener. But the datasheet says the maximum voltage is 4V.So does the AN suggest running way over max specs or is...

Miyuki by Associate
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Resolved! NUCLEO-U575ZI DMA->DAC doesn't work (USEF)

Hello everybody! I have a sine-wave array, that I throw to the DAC, triggering it by TIM6. When the TIM6 interrupt routine is responsible for supplying samples - everything works fine, but when I try to use DMA nothing works. The DMA keeps spitting t...

Skfir by Associate III
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usb communication

Hi, I want to make communication between stm32h563zit6(Nucleo-H563zi) via  USB communication, i have tried configuring various UART/USARTS but not able not make communication.I had verified it by sending some data from stm32  ,and tried to see it on ...

STM32F405芯片USART 2M波特率下DMA收发丢数据


Resolved! Switch off VREFBUF on STM32U5

Is it possible to switch  VREFBUF clock off after configuration for power save? So the clock is off and the buffer is providing Vref.In DS there is no mention about it (e.g OPAMP has this note).