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How to turn on backup RTC registers on STM32F051R8T6

Hello, i have probem with backup registers, which are powered from VBAT pin on Dicsovery board.First problem was CubeMX init, where i can't choose LSE source, because the value of clock box, was not active. I tried differend things like change txt c...

shybiss by Associate
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Which pins are needed to program a mcu via swd

hello everyone !i'm using a nucleo board (NUCLEO-F401RE) to program a MCU STM32F301 placed on newly fabricated pcb; the mcu has never been programmed.i have disconnected the jumpers to use the CN4 connector. i have just connected the SWCLK (clock sig...

ABoya.14 by Associate II
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pointer above 0x4000

pointer above 0x4000 Hi,Why I cannot use pointer above 0x4000. I have declared array form 0x200023d0 [+6000 32bit], so end about 0x28950a10. I am using STM32F769. Iam getting Failed to execute MI command:-data-evaluate-expression *(pDataVectSourceAdd...

embvis by Associate III
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Resolved! Oscillator calculation STM32

I want to use a STM32F103, STM32L431, 451 and 471 microcontroller, but i don´t know if the crystal that i selected (ABS07-120-32.768kHz-T and ABMM2-8.000MHZ-E2-T) is valid for this microcontroller.And another question is how to calcule the load capac...

C++17 support

Hello,Do you plan to enable C++17 or gnu++17 option in the general setting panel for C++ ?Seems like the already bundled GCC compiler support quite a few of C++17 features, and an update to latest gcc-arm would be nice too.I'm mainly looking for chro...

Problem with the RCC LSE STM32L496RET6 MCU.

Hello! I use CubeMX to generate the init code for rcc whith LSE Crystal NX3215SA-32.768KHZ-EXS00A-MU00525 (32.768K,6PF), two 2.7pF capacitors and rtc module. Program goes to error handler after "if (HAL_RCC_OscConfig(&RCC_OscInitStruct) != HAL_OK)"-s...

RAkma by Associate II
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who to implement HAL_GetTick()

I am trying to find time it takes for a loop, am I missing something ?uint32_t time1 = HAL_GetTick();...unit32_t time= HAL_GetTick( ) - time1;I am using Keil when I add time to watch list I am getting response cannot evaluate. It does not show anythi...

MNapi by Senior III
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